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Donor-Advised Fund Endowment Fund Agreement
Donor-Advised Fund Pass-Through Fund Agreement
Donor-Designated Endowment Funds Agreement
Scholarship Fund Agreement
GO Give Back Fund Agreement
Charitable Organization Fund Agreement
Sample Bequest Language 

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Real Estate Policies
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Comparing Options for Formalized Giving

Steve R. Akers, J.D. Professional Advisor Seminar Content

Estate Planning:  Current Developments and Hot Topics, Oct. 2013

The Estate Planner’s “Playbook” for 2013 and Going Forward Under the Post-ATRA “New Normal” of Permanent Large Exemptions and Portability.

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A Symbiotic Relationship: Balancing the Use of Private Foundations with Donor-Advised Funds Can Help Meet Philanthropist's Needs


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Inside this issue of Private Foundation News:  Foundations are building a better Central Indiana together, Top 10 ways private foundations get into trouble, and more.




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