Charitable Organization Endowment

Investment Services and Asset Growth Strategies

An endowment offers your charitable organization an additional income source that can sustain your current operations and provide for your future needs. More than 150 charitable organizations have turned to CICF and its affiliates to help create, manage and invest their endowment funds.

If your organization is considering starting an endowment, these endowment readiness tips will help guide your board and staff leadership through this proposition. CICF will also facilitate discussions with staff members or board committees – call the number below to find out more.

Publicly supported 501(c)(3) charitable organizations may be particularly interested in an endowment fund when they want to:

  • Create a "foundation" for the 501(c)(3) without incurring the costs and delay of creating and filing organizing documents, applying for exemption with the Internal Revenue Service, filing separate tax form 990s, and meeting the public support test on an ongoing basis.
  • Concentrate efforts on their charitable mission and benefit from the Foundation's expertise in long-term investment and management of funds.
  • Transfer a board-designated or donor-designated fund to CICF to take advantage of the Foundation's historic earnings and growth of funds with low administrative costs.
  • Obtain free help with planned giving and planned gift administration.

CICF values the relationships it has with organizations that have established endowment and supports them through:

  • Investment buying power. CICF includes those endowment funds in a diversified, long-term investment pool with over $500 million in assets.
  • Free CICF staff consulting for asset growth strategies or other development issues.
  • Free planned giving advice and staffing as needed, whether for starting a planned giving program, working with your staff or board, or meeting with donors to strategize options for making a gift to your organization.
  • Seminars and workshops designed to help understand endowment funds.

For more information contact Mary Stanley or Nan Edgerton, in our development and philanthropic services team, at 317.634.2423.