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December 17, 2009
CICF's Community Leadership Initiatives

Because of CICF’s extensive knowledge of this community and its financial and planned giving expertise, it is able to assist funders of all makes and sizes in identifying philanthropic goals and giving plans. As an organization, CICF commits and aligns its own resources, leadership and influence to make a greater impact on the quality of life here in central Indiana. CICF and its many community partners know that by creating a vibrant, competitive and engaged region, we’ll be better able to compete nationally and internationally in attracting, developing and retaining a vital workforce. In this pursuit, CICF has three Community Leadership Initiatives: Family Success, Inspiring Places and College Readiness.






Challenge: Poverty breeds poverty, repressing individuals and families in low-income neighborhoods.

Goal: Break the vicious cycle of poverty and provide self-sufficiency programs and connected services to lift up families with the will and the means to succeed.

Through workforce development, financial literacy, income supports and education access, CICF with many other partners is helping hundreds of families overcome obstacles so they can be more productive, educated and successful parts of our workforce.


Challenge: There is a lack of focus on and utilization of public spaces, and some core urban neighborhoods are succumbing to blight.

Goal: Transform under-used, under-invested and disconnected spaces into high quality community amenities.From bike and pedestrian trails, to parks and arts and cultural amenities, having dynamic and inspiring physical spaces are critical to successful communities.

Through investments and leadership in making central Indiana a more appealing place to live, work and play, CICF is helping to attract and retain educated workers to our region.


Challenge: In Indiana, 90% of low-income high school students do not complete a post-secondary degree by age 24.

Goal: Increase the percentage of Marion County low-income students that obtain a post-secondary degree from 10% to 50% by 2022.

According to June 2009 research from CEOs for Cities, if central Indiana had approximately 11,000 more residents with a bachelor’s degree, it would have a $1.3 billion annual economic impact on our community! By strengthening college preparatory programs, both in and out of school, CICF and its College Readiness funding partners are helping to grow our community’s knowledge-based economy.

CICF continues to realize the benefits of combined philanthropic forces. With an eye to regionalism, we experience exponential growth and tremendous efficiencies. Lives are changing. Communities are improving. And, philanthropic investments continue to grow in spite of our nation’s current economic difficulties. Because of the collaborative work with our two affiliates, The Indianapolis Foundation and Legacy Fund of Hamilton County, and partners, funds, donors, and the active participation of other individuals and organizations throughout our community, together, we’re improving and strengthening communities and changing thousands of lives by making charitable dreams come true.

Click to learn more about CICF’s Community Leadership Initiatives and to read our new 2008-2009 Community Report. To contribute funds to these initiatives, contact Rob MacPherson at 317.634.2423 or