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August 4, 2010
CICF, The Indianapolis Foundation... Leading National Efforts to Reduce Summer Learning Loss

Research shows that all students lose some of what they’ve learned during the school year while they’re on summer vacation. But some – especially the disadvantaged – lose more than others. A recent Time Magazine article profiled the problem, as well as nation-wide programs to overcome it, including ones here in Indianapolis made possible in part by The Indianapolis Foundation and Central Indiana Community Foundation.

Time CoverCo-founded by The Indianapolis Foundation and Lilly Endowment Inc. in 1995, the Summer Youth Program Fund (SYPF) is an important part of CICF’s Community Leadership initiatives. SYPF-Indianapolis is a funding collaborative that provides grants, coordinates professional development, and disseminates information to support summer programs serving Marion County youth. Since 1995, SYPF has grown to include 10 national and local funders and has awarded over $25.7 million in grants to support summer programs.

This year, CICF administered $750,000 of nearly $2.5 million provided by SYPF. CICF also received a $302,000 Crime Prevention grant from the City to provide 150 jobs at summer camps. In all, CICF leveraged over $1 million to help Marion County students avoid summer learning loss and to promote productive use of the summer months. To complement its SYPF support, The Indianapolis Foundation also recently granted Marian University $75,000 to establish a Summer Learning Institute as part of the effort. SYPF’s largest contributor in 2010 was Lilly Endowment Inc., which contributed over $1.4 million of funding.

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