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July 8, 2010
CICF Announces Fee-Based Private Foundation Services

by Mary Stanley, J.D., CAP, CICF Senior Gift Planning Advisor

Mary Stanley

Mary M. Stanley, J.D., is Senior Gift Planning Advisor with CICF. She can be reached at

CICF specializes in working with individuals, families and organizations to enable them to achieve their charitable goals. Due to the explosion in sheer number of private foundations, the majority of which are not large enough to support paid staff, CICF recently ramped up its ability to offer private foundations its powerful combination of unmatched community knowledge and professional strategic philanthropic services.

In addition to working with private foundations through companion funds, as eloquently described by Dan Yates in his feature article, CICF now offers fee based consulting services through which private foundations can obtain our professional expertise and services on a more limited or issue specific basis—whether for clarifying a foundation’s charitable mission, operating a more effective grantmaking process, researching potential charitable recipients or causes, preparing for generational transitions, ensuring best practices and impact, or assistance with other operational situations or issues. Your clients can choose from CICF’s large menu of grantmaking and strategic charitable services to create the level of support they need. It’s all about making their giving more effective and reducing the administrative burdens that go along with the running of a private foundation.

CICF has been working with not-for-profit organizations and generous philanthropists in our community for over 90 years. Our private foundation consulting services enable foundations to capitalize on CICF's extensive community knowledge, as well as our professional expertise in the areas of grantmaking, strategic philanthropy, next generation training and development and more. We customize each of our consulting engagements with private foundations in order to meet the varying needs and priorities of each different foundation. We provide different levels of services for different levels of need, so no matter the size of the foundation, or whether it is just starting out or is well established, any private foundation can benefit from our services.

Any combination of services from the following Strategic Charitable Planning life cycle is available to private foundations on a fee for service basis, at either an hourly rate or on a project by project basis:


  • Mission development or refinement
  • Values identification and alignment
  • Issues matched to values/purpose
  • Future goals and strategies

Annual Plan Implementation

  • Yearly budgets
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Grant/request processing
  • Formalized/organized process

Grant Organization and/or Issue Research

  • Grantmaking assessment
  • Issue papers
  • Due diligence
  • Objective/subjective review

Family Engagement and Other Learning

  • Governance assessment
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Next generation training or engagement
  • Philanthropy education

Analysis, Evaluation and Impact Review

  • Grantee/project assessment
  • Annual giving review/analysis
  • Foundation evaluation

CICF would be happy to serve as a resource for you and your private foundation clients to help make their philanthropy even more effective, meaningful and enjoyable than ever! Whatever the situation, need or desire—or if you just want to discuss whether CICF could be of assistance, please call us. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and/or your private foundation clients.

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