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April 13, 2011
Community Crime Prevention Update

On April 8, 2011, Indianapolis Parks Foundation released an email to 88 grant applicants to the Community Crime Prevention Grant program, notifying those organizations that they would not be invited to submit a full application for grant consideration.

CICF is not a part of the grant consideration, review or distribution process (as was initially reported); Indianapolis Parks Foundation is a CICF support organization, and has maintained a successful partnership with the City of Indianapolis for the past 19 years. CICF is proud of the work Indianapolis Parks Foundation does on behalf of the city’s parks and related-amenities, and all who benefit from them.

Additional information:
• Indianapolis Parks Foundation (IPF) is a supporting organization of the Central Indiana Community Foundation. This partnership allows IPF to operate more efficiently and to direct the majority of its resources toward enhancing the recreational, educational and cultural life of the Indianapolis community. IPF also works in partnership with the City of Indianapolis, Department of Parks & Recreation, Department of Public Works, and Department of Public Safety.

• IPF is a separate entity from CICF, has its own board of directors, makes its own decisions and has its own 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.

• CICF had no involvement in the grant review or disbursement process of the Community Crime Prevention Grant program.

• On February 28, 2011, the City-County Council approved a proposal to make the Indianapolis Parks Foundation (IPF) the disburser of the Community Crime Prevention Grant upon invitation from the City of Indianapolis.

• In partnership with the Public Safety Committee, IPF is responsible for making grants to community organizations whose programs focus on youth engagement, education, safe neighborhoods, health, and ex-offender reintegration and re-entry.

• On March 11, 2011, the Indianapolis Parks Foundation held a public meeting for the purpose of announcing the 2011 Community Crime Prevention Grant process. More than 230 community organizations in attendance were given Grant Guidelines and Criteria, timelines, and instructions for completing the online application.

• In 2010, the Community Crime Prevention Grant funds totaled $4 million. Available funds this year total $1,767,000. By the preliminary application deadline of March 25, 2011, IPF received 115 applications requesting $12 million in funding for community crime prevention programs.

• For additional information, please download the Community Crime Prevention Update (pdf format).