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November 30, 2011
It's getting Swarmer in an Indy parking garage

"As you walk through the tunnel, as you cycle through, a swarm of fireflies – above you, below you – gathers around you & lights your way; one sparkle attracts another, like a magnet…" explains Vito Acconci, founder of Acconci Studios based in New York City. "When someone passes you, when someone comes toward you, some sparkles veer off in a different direction, and a new flock of fireflies emerges."

A thousand LED-lights are embedded below, in the pavement; another thousand, almost, are installed within an open steel-framework above you. As you walk through, as you cycle through, you activate sensors that turn on lights that swarm around you as you move. Each sensor informs its neighbors, so that lights start to turn on as you approach them & start turning off as you move further away.