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November 1, 2011
Scholarship applications available beginning Nov. 30

Attention Students:

Applications for Lilly Endowment Scholarships will be made available on Nov. 30. 

Applications for the Common Scholarships will be made available on Dec. 15.

Please visit our How to Apply page on those dates for application information.

About our Scholarship Program

Scholarship funds offer hope to students and their families and increase their chance of academic and future financial success. CICF works with donors to create renewable scholarships of at least $1,000 annually, ensuring that support is available through degree attainment.

Every year, the need for scholarships is greater than the available resources. Tuition continues to rise faster than wages and inflation, federal education aid is stagnant, and aid increasingly comes in the form of loans (that must be repaid) instead of grants. Too many students don’t even begin college due to financial reasons, and those that do may be forced to drop out or take on the high burden of educational debt.  Read more.