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December 6, 2012
Easy Giving

Holiday giving is a tradition for many families and individuals, one that helps to color a season of giving with a philanthropic spirit. But, for many, deciding what contributions can do the most good can be challenging.

Holiday Catalog
Businesses make it easy to shop; CICF's Giving Catalog makes it easier - and better than ever - to give.

This year, it’s a snap to give more than just socks for Uncle Joe or a digital whoozit for little Sally with CICF’s easy-to-use Giving Catalog that connects donor passions with community needs.

Created by the CICF philanthropic services team and local grantees, the Catalog is full of meaningful opportunities for fund holders to give generously and joyously this season. And, because each of these organizations has undergone a rigorous due diligence process, they can also give confidently.

With a mix of organizations – from arts and culture, to the health needs of the poor, to feeding the hungry or improving the environment – there is a giving opportunity for any passion. For more information and for the catalog, visit our online Giving Catalog today.

Find out more about how CICF can help you connect your passions with your philanthropy.