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May 18, 2012
Keeping Kids on Track in the Summer


Without access to summer programs, children can lose significant academic and learning progress from the school year. Over a century of research shows that summer learning loss can set children back academically. The average student loses 2.6 months of math skill development during summer breaks. These challenges are compounded for low-income youth who lose two months of reading achievement on average each summer. As a result, teachers typically use four to six weeks of each academic year teaching old material that students have forgotten over the summer. Academic losses don’t pose the only threat during the summertime - without structured meals and exercise, summer can lead to weight gain and setbacks in physical fitness.

There are a lot of options for preventing summer learning loss. Parent engagement and learning activities can provide kids with the opportunity not only to preserve but to advance their learning. The lists below offer tips and local resources to help parents and caring adults with valuable ways to keep kids on track. Summer learning is also supported locally by the Summer Youth Program Fund, a collaborative funding project that The Indianapolis Foundation co-founded.

Connect to Local Programs

Support Learning at Home

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