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October 17, 2012
A Unique Mission Protects the Environment and Provides Employment Training

Ex-offenders have the odds stacked against them upon their release from the corrections system. Most have no job and no home to return to. Without these basic foundational elements, the rate of reoffending and returning to the criminal justice system is incredibly high, up to 52 percent in Indianapolis and Marion County.

RecycleForce helps ex-offenders break down the barriers to employment by providing transitional jobs as well as comprehensive programs designed to get their lives back on track. The RecycleForce model offers program participants an opportunity to increase their jobs skills, focus on character development and receive personal counseling. This “wrap-around” approach greatly increases the chance of sustained future employment and decreases the instances of re-offending. Of the 360 ex-offenders who completed the RecycleForce program, only 25 percent have recidivated and returned to the criminal justice system due to a violation.

RecyleForce has a unique social mission that focuses not only on reducing recidivism but also on protecting the environment by processing over 3.4 million pounds of recyclable material each year through its jobs training program. Since RecycleForce began, the organization has processed over 11 million pounds of electronic waste and recyclable material at its facility, materials that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill.

Since 2009, the Efroymson Family Fund has provided several grants to RecycleForce to support its job training program and to increase its television recycling program. These grants have supported work thatdramatically helped reduce the millions of pounds of electronic waste that would have gone into central Indiana landfills.

Learn more and watch a RecycleForce YouTube video.