CICF News / 2013 / April / News Post
April 3, 2013

After his grandfather passed away and the house his mom owned foreclosed, Marc found himself packing all of his things and moving to Indianapolis. No friends. No job. Nowhere to go. It was a difficult and lonely time for this 17-year-old who grew up in Michigan.

While searching online for something to do, he found the Media Workshop at the Central Library. What he thought was just a "workshop" that might help him create a few videos turned into a weekly activity and a life-changing experience.

Marc spends every Monday night at the Media Workshop - and he has for the past three years. He started with an interest in making videos, but has since discovered hidden musical talents he didn't know he had. He has taken advantage of every type of software and workstation available in the Media Workshop. Video, animation, illustration, music-mixing - you name it, Marc has tried it. He has created videos, submitted commercials in national competitions, mixed music and created CDs.

Read more about Marc and the Indianapolis Public Library's Media Workshop, a program supported by The Indianapolis Foundation Library Fund, in Kelly Young's article on Sky Blue Window, an online arts magazine focused on central Indiana and supported by The Indianapolis Foundation and the CICF Plus One Angel Investors.