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December 10, 2013
ROW Makes Kresge Splash, Receives $1.35 Million Grant

Following multiple site visits from The Kresge Foundation representatives, ROW (Reconnecting to Our Waterways) was awarded a $1.35 million grant from The Kresge Foundation. Announced in late November, the grant was made in support of the Foundation’s focus on “creative place-making” projects, defined as: the collaboration of artists and art with neighborhood residents to create cultural, social and economic vibrancy in neighborhoods.”

In Indy’s case, many of those projects will be created and supported as part of Sustaining Green Solutions, a “pre-ROW” concept fostered by CICF as an integrated facet of its Community Leadership Initiatives. Sustaining Green Solutions was designed to support crime prevention (by better connecting neighborhoods and providing new recreational amenities throughout the city), help establish a green infrastructure in Indianapolis, improve the health of rivers and our drinking water, and provide job training for related vocations.

The grant will be distributed over the next three years; the first installment will be $750,000 followed by two annual payments of $300,000.

While ROW won’t technically “own” Sustaining Green Solutions, it certainly will inform the program (and benefit from it, too). Still in their infancy, these “fluid” programs represent CICF’s unique ability to convene vested partnerships around community development, and are meaningful facets of our Community Leadership Initiatives.

As a refresher, Indianapolis has a storied history of integrating its rivers and streams into community development. Reconnecting to Our Waterways (ROW) is a collective impact partnership bringing new life to that philosophy, and currently devoted to the following objectives:

  • Build awareness of ROW to engage even more people and businesses in strengthening our waterways.
  • Identify, design, and start building select destination locations along our waterways (see below).
  • Continually evaluate ROW’s progress against pre-defined metrics to ensure progress and impact.

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