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December 10, 2013
The Bottom Line of Financial Coaching

The Centers for Working Families (CWF) are welcoming neighborhood centers where hardworking, low-income families access a full range of services to help lift them out of poverty and achieve long-term financial stability. In Indianapolis, the project is supported in part by CICF's Family Success Initiative, and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation oversees the seven local sites.

Built on a model developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, CWF provides people with the tools they need to increase their income (“EARN IT”), reduce expenses (“KEEP IT”), and build wealth (“GROW IT”) for their families. The CWF network in Indianapolis is composed of seven neighborhood based centers that transition families from living paycheck to paycheck to investing in their future – not only getting a job, but a career; not only meeting expenses, but saving for their first home.

From 2011 to 2013, CWF participants have made significant progress in improving their financial health. The latest data demonstrates not only the impact of the CWF model, but the value - to individuals and their families - of committing time and energy to increasing financial literacy.

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