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September 18, 2013
A Respite for Caregivers

Caregiving is rapidly becoming a way of life for a large number of American adults. In 2013, two out of every five adults report that they are caring for a sick or elderly family member. That number has grown by 10 percent growth since 2010. The roots of this situation are tied to population health trends and to the economy.

Caregivers have a range of opportunities to learn, relax and refresh themselves at Joy's House "A Day Away" event.

American health needs are growing, especially as the population grays. Half of Americans adults have at least one chronic health condition, and 75 percent of seniors – aged 65 years or older – have chronic conditions. The senior population itself is growing, as Boomers age. By 2030, adults over 64 are expected to represent almost 20 percent of the American population, compared to 12 percent in 2000.

As health needs are coupled with the impact of the economic downturn on retirement savings and discretionary spending, family members have increasingly chosen to provide home-based care to family members. And those caregivers, estimated to include between 80 and 120 million Americans, face many challenges as they manage their loved ones’ health needs. Two-thirds of them work, and in addition to their jobs, they provide an average of 21 hours a week of care to their family members.

Not surprisingly, caregivers are often understandably overworked if not overwhelmed. Joy’s House, an Indianapolis not-for-profit focused on providing physical, mental and financial relief for families caring for a loved one, seeks to provide a bit of relief to those caregivers. On Saturday, August 24, the group hosted “A Day Away,” a caregiver retreat designed to support and pamper caregivers with food, music, massages, guest speakers and information. Joy’s House recently received support for family caregiver trainings from the Central Indiana Senior Fund, a CICF Fund, and fund representatives attended "A Day Away" to share information about their work.

For more information on their caregiver supports, visit the Joy’s House website.

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