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April 23, 2013
The Indianapolis Foundation to Administer Community Crime Prevention Grant Program

On April 22, 2013, the Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Council voted to transfer management of its $2 million Community Crime Prevention Grant program to The Indianapolis Foundation, an affiliate of Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF). In June 2012, the Community Crime Prevention Grant program awarded over $1.8M to 18 organizations that specifically provided support to youth programs and to programs that helped previously incarcerated individuals back in to jobs and back in to the community.

The Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Council created the Community Crime Prevention funding stream in 2007.

The Indianapolis Foundation Board of Trustees has agreed to serve as the fiscal agent and grant manager for the 2013 $2 million Community Crime Prevention Grant allocation, with resources going to support community-based organizations that can demonstrate community impact.

Since its creation in 1916, the Indianapolis Foundation has awarded more nearly $200 million in grants to Marion County-based not-for-profits serving a broad range of people and addressing a wide variety of community needs. A high percentage of these grants have been directed at diverse populations and include support for: impoverished individuals and families working to achieve self-sufficiency; increased post-secondary education and vocational training attainment, specifically in low-income populations and; to help provide basic needs for economically disadvantaged families.

“The Indianapolis Foundation has nearly a century’s worth of experience making grants to effective not-for-profits in Indianapolis,” said Brian Payne, President, The Indianapolis Foundation (and Central Indiana Community Foundation). “We also believe there is the potential for great synergy between connecting organizations with crime prevention and ex-offender re-entry programs with CICF-led initiatives focused on self-sufficiency, youth programs and educational attainment.”

The current Community Crime Prevention grants are administered by the Indianapolis Parks Foundation and end as of May 31st, 2013. Final grant reports are due to the Parks Foundation in June, 2013. All current Community Crime Prevention Grant recipients are invited to reapply for grants from July 1 to July 31, 2013. Organizations will be able to file online grant applications during that period via Current Community Crime Prevention Grant recipients are encouraged to contact CICF staff with any questions. CICF staff and The Indianapolis Foundation board of trustees will first conduct a listening tour of major community stakeholders before establishing specific grant criteria. 

For additional grant information, contact Alicia Barnett at, or 317.634.2423

In August 2006, the Community Crime Prevention Task Force was convened to study the root causes of crime in the community, determine the types of programs most likely to prevent crime or effectively intervene in the lives of those at risk of criminal behavior, and make recommendations about how the community could prevent crime in the future.

The task force examined the underlying problems that led to a surge in violent crime in Indianapolis and in 2007 recommended actions to stem the violence and to prevent crime before it occurs. In July 2007, the City-County Council passed Proposal No. 264 to increase the County Option Income Tax (COIT) and establish the Community Crime Prevention Grant (CCPG) program to provide funding for crime prevention initiatives recommended by the Task Force its January 2007 final report.

According to the Community Crime Prevention Report from 2007, the majority of violent crime is committed by a small group of individuals that have already committed a crime or demonstrates specific behaviors that are associated with increased criminal activity (e.g., gang activity or drug offenders). Since 2007, the Community Crime Prevention Grant program has provided nearly $12 million in grants to local education, health, youth development, workforce development and ex-offender re-entry organizations focused on reducing and preventing crime.


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