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April 2, 2013
The United States of…Poverty

Almost one in every four Americans lives near or below the poverty line. That includes 37% of children aged five years and younger and almost half of American adults without a high school diploma.

Overall US poverty rate

Often, reports about poverty focus on one number – the rate of individuals who are at or below the “official” poverty line. For the US Federal Government, that line is $17,400 a year for a family of three. That’s less than $48 dollars a day. The government has an additional designation, “near poverty,” which applies to a family of three that makes $26,100 or less a year, just $71 a day. Even in central Indiana, which has been recognized as the least expensive major metropolitan area in the US, families with an income near or below the poverty level often struggle.

CICF focuses both its grantmaking and Community Leadership Initiatives on improving the lives – and the economic viability – of central Indiana’s citizens. Educational attainment and job opportunities directly connect with individuals’ and families’ ability to thrive financially. The Tracking Poverty infographic demonstrates the connection between high school and college success and financial health.



Read more about CICF's work to increase the economic health of families through the Family Success Initiative, as well as educational attainment through the College Readiness and Success Initiative.