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July 10, 2013
Ken Chapman Remembered

Kenneth I. Chapman (known to most simply as “Ken”) passed away on Saturday, December 15th, 2012 at his Indianapolis home. Ken was 88 when he died, and left behind his wife, Jane, two daughters and two sons, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. For those who met and knew Ken, he was a man of integrity, common sense, good humor and a deep commitment to philanthropy and service.

Ken became the executive director for The Indianapolis Foundation in 1977, a year in which the average cost of a new home was $49,000, and an average annual income was $15,000. The Foundation’s assets totaled $16 million and employed just four people. Greg Lynn, who retired from CICF in 2012, was one of those employees, and worked with Ken for 16 years.

“Back then, grant applicants came and met with Ken in person,” Lynn remembers. “Sometimes he could be pretty direct, but Ken was regarded by them as approachable, accessible and fair.”

Chapman retired in 1994. Before he did, assets for The Indianapolis Foundation swelled to nearly $100 million. Lynn says that was only the beginning. “Ken laid the groundwork for Ken Gladish (Chapman’s successor) and the extraordinary changes that led to CICF.”

Like everyone who knew Ken, we are saddened by his passing, and will share more of his story in the fall issue of Inspiring Philanthropy. Until then, please feel free to share your thoughts and submit a comment below.

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