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May 9, 2013
The Funding Factor

While household assets sank and unemployment soared during the economic downturn in the last decade, another important economic driver – donor-advised funds that support a range of arts, social services and cultural institutions and employees – suffered a significant hit. But in 2011, those funds bounced back, advancing beyond their pre-recession 2007 levels in both value and philanthropic giving, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy.


CICF works with many donor-advised funds (Personal Foundations), through which donors create an account, make an immediate donation and then make grants over the course of many years, rely on effective financial management. Many donors turn to community foundations, like Central Indiana Community Foundation, to invest and grow their funds and to provide grant-making support. Contributions from donor-advised funds represent $3 out of every $100 given to charity annually.

And those donors are seeing that choice pay off. In 2011, assets in donor-advised funds in the United States grew by 17 percent. Meanwhile, the US economy grew by 1.8 percent (inflation-adjusted), and the Dow-Jones Industrial Average grew by 3 percent.

At CICF, donors can choose from several kinds of funds that will help them connect their passions to community needs. Our Personal Foundations offer donors an organized and affordable approach to charitable giving, along with the support of CICF’s highly-skilled advisory and grantmaking staff.

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