CICF's Goal? To uplift all central Indiana communities

Much of CICF's work is aligned with three community leadership initiatives to improve all of central Indiana’s quality of life. These initiatives are College Readiness, Family Success and Inspiring Places. Our goal is to make lasting and real positive impact on our community by connecting people with their ability to do good.

Family Success

Generational poverty robs families of their future while
guaranteeing them lives of hardship and struggle. It also leads to
over-reliance on community assistance and related infrastructure.
The Family Success Initiative is based on programs and services
that move families to financial independence by helping them
build the will and the means to achieve self-sufficiency. Through workforce development, financial literacy, income supports and educational access, CICF, along with Making Connections
Indianapolis and other partners, is helping hundreds of families
overcome obstacles so they can be more productive, better
educated and more successful.


Inspiring Places

From bike and pedestrian trails, to parks and arts and cultural
amenities, having dynamic and inspiring physical spaces is critical
to successful communities. They give communities a unique sense
of place for both residents and visitors alike, reflect community values and often serve as interesting and beautiful respites for all.
The Inspiring Places Initiatives is dedicated to making central Indiana’s man-made environment attractive and vibrant, connected and engaged, and safe. Through investments and leadership, CICF
is helping to attract and retain educated workers to our community
by making central Indiana an appealing place to work and play.


College Readiness

$1.3 billion. According to June 2009 research from CEOs for Cities,
that’s how much central Indiana would have added to its economy
if we could have added 11,036 more residents with a bachelor’s
degree in 2009. The College Readiness Initiative is dedicated to
preparing low-income, first-generation students for success in
middle and high school, while ensuring they are ready to enter
and succeed in post-secondary opportunities. By strengthening
college preparatory programs, both in and out of school, CICF and
its College Readiness funding partners are increasing the region’s
intellectual capacity, and building its economy in the process.