Funds & Foundations

Create Your Own Legacy

Legacy Fund offers charitable solutions for:

  • Individuals
  • Farmers
  • Businesses
  • Private Foundations
  • Charitable Organizations

Personal Philanthropy

What kind of difference do you want to make? How do you want to be remembered?
If you are like most of us, charitable giving is a part of your answer. Working with you and your existing financial and legal advisors, we help you:

  • Discover or reinforce your charitable goals.
  • Create and implement your plan.
  • Organize and simplify your giving.
  • Plan for your future and your estate.

We can even help your entire family participate if you wish; through experience we’ve found multi-generational philanthropy often makes charitable giving more meaningful, more organized—and more fun.

Legacy Fund offers the full spectrum of charitable funds, trusts and services to help you and your advisors tailor your solutions. We can help: (include hotlinks to specific pages)

  • People with appreciated assets who want to establish a donor advised fund, scholarship or gift for their favorite charity.
  • Families who want to pass along financial benefits to their heirs through a charitable remainder unitrust, charitable gift annuity, or charitable lead trust.
  • Individuals who want to include charitable giving in their estate plans.

Contact Jan Edmondson for more information at 317.634.2423.


Gifts of Grain

When a farmer makes a charitable gift of grain instead of selling the grain and giving cash, the IRS allows an incorporated or unincorporated farmer to reduce his inventory without recognizing a sale. This reduces income and self-employment taxes. The farmer can continue to deduct the full production costs.

Legacy Fund accepts gifts of grain and has a relationship with all of the local grain elevators. Grain gifts can fund existing funds or create a new fund in the name of the family.

Contact Jan Edmondson for more information at 317.634.2423.

Corporate Giving

Business owners routinely serve on boards and make gifts to organizations. Successful owners also sell businesses and are interested in saving taxes.

Legacy Fund can help:

  • Businesses that want to establish a company charitable fund to make their giving more strategic and create more impact.
  • Owners who want to use tax-advantaged charitable gifting as a part of their business sale or ESOP.
  • Owners who want to use a business sale or appreciated assets to create a charitable fund in the name of their family or business.

Contact Jan Edmondson for more information at 317.634.2423.

Partnering With Private Foundations

Some experts suggest that private foundations require at least $5 million in assets to be cost effective. Many private foundations in central Indiana don’t meet this threshold. Plus, tax records for private foundations are public record – meaning they’re not really private foundations at all.

Legacy Fund offers cost-effective support and solutions:

  • Option 1: Create a CICF Fund to complement you private foundation.
  • Option 2: Use CICF as a resource for consulting.
  • Option 3: Transfer your private foundation to a donor advised fund. (hotlink)

Contact Jan Edmondson for more information at 317.634.2423.

Partnering with Charitable Organizations

Because of successful capital campaigns or the generosity of donors, charitable organizations sometimes have an endowment. Endowments—whether permanently restricted or quasi-endowments—require care to administer and invest. These functions must be accomplished, yet are not always part of your organization’s core mission. Utilizing an outside partner can help foster confidence with your donors. Legacy Fund and CICF have a wealth of experience and expertise managing endowments, and currently manage more than 150 endowment funds for charitable organizations.

By working with CICF:

  • Your endowment fund will participate in CICF’s larger investment pool, providing access to higher caliber investment managers.
  • Your organization will receive regular investment reports as well as verbal reports for your board, if desired.
  • Your organization can also utilize Legacy Fund and CICF personnel for assistance with endowment strategic planning and planned giving support with your donors.

The minimum to create an organizational endowment is $100,000.

Contact Jan Edmondson for more information at 317.634.2423.