Donor Services

Helping You Get the Most from Your Giving

CICF provides personalized services designed to enhance the act of giving for individuals and families who have entrusted their philanthropic funds with us. Our goal is to make your philanthropy personal, effective and more enjoyable, and our staff is committed to working with you to make sure that happens. All fund holders may receive the following donor services.

  • Charitable Planning
    We will help you develop a philanthropic strategy that reflects your unique vision, family history and values, and also show you how to align those values with your giving interests.
  • Community Knowledge
    CICF has been awarding effective grants for nearly 100 years. Our staff has an in-depth knowledge of virtually every not-for-profit organization in the area, and is available to advise you on the needs and opportunities in our community. Read more
  • Family Engagement
    More people are formalizing the way they incorporate family members into their charitable giving or using their philanthropy to establish and pass-on family values and legacies. CICF staff have many years of experience working with families to make philanthropy a positive experience for old and young alike. Read more
  • Administration and Governance
    Allowing us to handle the administrative, compliance and legal aspects associated with your charitable giving gives you the freedom to enjoy the act of being charitable. Read more

Additional customized services are available to donors with funds of $250,000 or more.

For more information on services for donors, contact Ruthie Purcell-Jones, director of philanthropic services, at 317.634.2423, ext. 506.

Community Knowledge

CICF does far more than simply pass charitable contributions through to the community. Our staff of skilled and professional grantmakers research hundreds of charitable organizations each year to find those that are most effective. We also know the opportunities and challenges facing our community, ranging from the arts to human services, and from neighborhood development to family strengthening. And besides ensuring that grants from your fund meet ever-changing federal and state laws, we work to identify emerging issues and to stimulate resources to help our region prepare for the future.

For CICF fund holders, your staff liaison will:

  • Provide individualized research on the issues and organizations that interest you, and recommend organizations that align with your goals.
  • Examine organizations for effectiveness, efficiency and financial stability, and report those findings to you at your request.
  • Offer site visits, briefings, and events in your areas of interest.
  • Help you meet other donors and fund advisors who share your interests in making central Indiana a better place to live, work and play.

Administration and Governance

We provide our donors with:

  • Processing support (accounting, check-writing, financial reporting).
  • Gift administration and tracking (managing contributions with reporting, acknowledgements or other requirements).
  • Recognition or anonymity (managing your acknowledgement preferences for your charitable giving).
  • Governance structure (customizing and facilitating decision-making bodies and processes).
  • Legal support and gift planning advice.