CICF connects people with their ability to do good.

CICF works closely with you to create personal and unique giving approaches that support your beliefs, your assets, as well as your personal, financial and philanthropic goals — in ways that no other organization can.

Explore our site and learn about the benefits of working with CICF and the giving opportunities
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How it Works

Partnering with CICF in your charitable giving is a customized relationship focused on what you want to accomplish with your giving – and if you don’t know what you want to accomplish exactly, we can help you figure that out. You should consider CICF as your charitable partner if:

  • You want to transform your giving from reactive, “checkbook” philanthropy into more strategic giving that focuses on the impact of your generosity.
  • You want to understand charitable giving, issues and/or organizations at a deeper and more engaged level.
  • You want to keep your charitable investments local – your charitable investment and your personal relationship manager remain in this community (but you can give anywhere).
  • You want your giving to be easier and more organized – it’s a turnkey, fully-supported process. 



Types of Funds

There are many different CICF funds available to meet your goals. Donor-advised funds are the most common and flexible of the charitable funds we offer. Scholarship funds are popular and provide a direct way to see the impact of your giving. Or, if you want to make grants each year to the same organization(s), now and/or in the future, a designated fund may be right for you. There are funds for corporations and many options for those that have already established a private foundation. All-in-all, there is bound to be an easy giving vehicle at CICF to match your situation and needs.



Giving as a Family

Philanthropy begins at home. Whether you are carrying on charitable traditions already established or ready to start new philanthropic traditions for the next generations, engaging your family in the process of giving can be powerful. CICF’s professional staff has broad expertise and has worked with hundreds families in central Indiana. At its best, philanthropy that involves family members draws on the passions and interests of each individual while providing an opportunity for all participants to learn and grow. CICF’s expertise lies in unifying family missions, offering governance advice, helping facilitate meetings and executing plans, engaging and training younger generations, and bringing a depth of understanding about community needs and opportunities to the entire family enterprise.


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