Financial Advisors

Connect your clients with their ability to do good.

CICF works with you to create personal and unique giving approaches that support your clients' beliefs; assets; and personal, financial and philanthropic goals in ways that no other organization can.

Explore these pages and learn about the benefits of working with CICF and the giving options that can make your clients' generosity more personal, more powerful – and more fun!

Types of Funds

There are many different funds to choose from at CICF, all with important advantages over other charitable options – and we’re dedicated to working directly with you and your clients to find the best charitable fit.     >> VIEW ALL FUNDS

Advisor Resources

CICF freely gives advisors charitable resources, information, and scenarios to assist you in providing philanthropic best practices to your clients.  From seminars, one-on-one brainstorming, client meetings or access to printed materials, exercises and case studies, CICF's gift planning staff is ready to offer the best charitable advice in town.

Contact Jan Edmondson or Mary Stanley, CICF's Sr. Gift Planning Advisors, at 317.634.2423, if you have questions or would like information for yourself or your clients.  

Ways We Work With Your Clients

Providing personalized services that enhance the act of giving is the hallmark of CICF's partnership with individuals and families. Our goal is to make your clients' philanthropy personal, effective and more enjoyable, and our staff is committed to working with you and your clients to make sure that happens.

Charitable Planning: We will help your clients develop a philanthropic strategy that reflects their unique vision, family history and values, and also show them how to align those values with their giving interests.

Community Knowledge:  CICF has been awarding effective grants for more than 90 years. As a result, we have an in-depth knowledge of virtually every not-for-profit organization in the area. We gladly offer advice and share information on the needs and opportunities in our community.

Family Engagement:  More people are formalizing the way they incorporate family members into their charitable giving. CICF staff have many years of experience working with families to establish or pass-on legacies and make philanthropy a positive experience for old and young alike.

Administration and Governance:  CICF handles all the administrative, compliance and legal aspects associated with your clients' charitable giving to give them the freedom to enjoy the act of being charitable and not burden with operating a foundation.


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