For Recipients & Alumni

Questions about your current scholarship:


For many of our scholarships, we partner with Scholarship America, a not-for-profit scholarship management organization. Scholarship America handles scholarship reports and inquiries for most CICF scholarship recipients. Timely completion of the Scholarship Acceptance/Renewal Forms is necessary. Failure to complete and submit forms in a timely, accurate fashion will delay future scholarship payments.

For any questions about acceptance agreements, annual/renewal report and any other information pertaining to your scholarship, contact:

Kris Evenson, Program Manager
Scholarship Management Services
Scholarship America
One Scholarship Way, P.O. Box 297
St. Peter, MN 56082
Phone: 507.931.0429


Attention Lilly Scholars:

Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Recipients:

If you are currently the recipient of a Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship for Hamilton or Marion County, you are required to submit a year-end report as well as a book stipend report upon completing the spring semester of each academic year. Failure to complete and submit reports in a timely, accurate fashion is a violation of your scholarship agreement and will delay future scholarship and book stipend payments.

Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Graduate or Alumnus:

If you received a Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship and have now graduated from college, you are required to complete a Graduate/Alumni Survey for ten years after graduation. Please check back in the spring for the updated survey.

Questions? Call CICF at 317.634.2423, e-mail, or see your guidance counselor.