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About Inspiring Places

Inspiring Places is focused on creating and maintaining public places that are both physically inviting and inviting for civic activity. Our goal is to help active citizen groups transform underused spaces into high quality community amenities. These public places include parks and public plazas, historic business districts and cultural districts, and the greenways and pedestrian/bike trails that connect them. They could be located in small cities and towns, inner-city neighborhoods, or suburban communities in Marion and Hamilton Counties. Some may connect to places in surrounding counties. Communities may already be using beautification and development programs, public art, or festivals to enhance their public places.

Why is this important to our community’s future?
Generous donors and visionary leaders have bestowed central Indiana with high-quality natural, cultural, and built public places. At their best, these unique resources have proven themselves to:

  • Break down economic, physical, and cultural barriers between people
  • Act as economic and cultural anchors to their surrounding neighborhoods
  • Catalyze community energy and build a sense of community identity and mutual ownership
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles and civic engagement
  • Inspire and aid tourism and other economic development initiatives

Consider Supporting:

Reconnecting to Our Waterways (ROW)
is a grassroots movement that is working to improve the surrounding shoreline and neighborhoods along vital Indianapolis waterways, turning these areas into assets for residents and the community. Led by a coalition of neighborhoods and residents, private and public organizations and civic leaders, ROW identifies and supports projects that will have a lasting, meaningful impact along the six key waterways: White River, Eagle Creek, Fall Creek, Central Canal, Pogues Run and Pleasant Run. Its goal is to improve the surrounding shoreline and neighborhoods along key waterways, turning these areas into assets for residents and the community.

The DaVinci Pursuit: The DaVinci Pursuit is seeking support for its leadership role with the Reclaiming Our Waterways (ROW) community-wide initiative. DaVinci along with neighborhood residents is developing interactive sculptures along the waterways and in cultural districts. Each sculpture is unique and connects the arts with science in ways that educate, excite, and add beauty to needy and under-served areas along the waterway.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful: KIB recognizes that greenspace and trees have powerful environmental, social and health benefits for our city, and for our quality of life. KIB works with a variety of public and private partners and communities to create pocket parks, plant trees, beautify existing greenspace, prevent and clean up litter, educate about recycling, and provide youth with environmental education. KIB takes the vision of its partner neighborhoods, and helps them make it a reality. Annually, KIB supports an average of 500 community improvement projects with 44,900 volunteers, and plants 5,000 trees.


Arts and Culture

Art with a Heart – a community-based arts organization that provides hands-on visual arts experiences that educate and inspire at-risk children. Programming seeks to reinforce academics within the artistic experience while building confidence, empathy, and cultural awareness in children.

Very Special Arts of Indiana – a community-based arts organization that provides access to learning and creative expression through the arts for people with disabilities in Indiana. VSA is an inclusive environment that provides services on a sliding academic scale and utilizes the expertise of teaching artists to instruct on different art mediums including ceramics, 2-D arts, music, movement, and drama.

Metropolitan Youth Orchestra – a youth and family development program that engages inner-city, at-risk youth in music instruction while teaching important life skills to help keep them in school. Students receive small group instrument lessons, attend orchestra ensemble rehearsals, participate in solo recitals, and are mentored by positive adult role models that encourage them to stay in school and attend college.

Arts for Learning (Young Audiences of Indiana) – community and school-based arts programming that brings teaching artists into schools to connect children, grades Pre-K through 12th grade, to rich experiences in music, dance, visual and 2-D arts, language arts, and theatre. 


Ways to make your grant?

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If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your Personal Philanthropic Advisor at 317.634.2423.


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