Funds & Foundations

Transformational Giving

People, businesses and organizations create charitable funds to make a difference and create a legacy through philanthropy. Yet there are more than 17,000 not-for-profits in central Indiana alone and a myriad of issues, needs and services worthy of support in Hamilton County (not to mention the rest of the world). Making your philanthropy its most powerful, effective and personally rewarding can be a challenging process, especially if you’re trying to do it by yourself.

Legacy Fund helps you get more from your giving.

Since Legacy Fund’s inception in 1991, more than $22 million has been contributed to nearly 100 organizations in our area.

  • When you create your own fund (hotlink to giving page or DAF page) through Legacy Fund, you and your family recommend the causes you want to support. We handle the back office issues for you, making your life simpler and your support more cost-effective.
  • Many donors establish scholarship funds through Legacy Fund. As a result, we have relationships with all of the educational foundations affiliated with public school systems in the county (hotlink). So creating your scholarship through Legacy Fund is fast, easy and will meet your objectives of helping students build their futures through education.
  • Legacy Fund also makes grants through our community endowment that are meant to help strengthen communities, neighborhoods and individual lives. Legacy Fund works closely with the not-for-profit community in order to ensure grants are awarded only to organizations we deem effective at serving the residents of Hamilton County. This diligence does more than ensure the effectiveness of community endowment grants – it also informs the recommendations we make when partnering with you for grants made from your own funds. 

Your Source for Informed Giving

The grants we make each year connect us and you to more people and organizations. By partnering with Legacy Fund, you can take advantage of our community knowledge and network of relationships. Our position as a community leader ensures our participation in discussions crucial to the future of the region.

How to Apply for a Grant

Legacy Fund awards grants through our competitive grantmaking program. Organizations can also apply for grants from charitable funds created by individuals or families that are held at Legacy Fund. To apply for a grant or learn more, click here.