Making Connections Indianapolis

Making Connections Indianapolis is part of a 10-year national initiative of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and became a CICF partner in 2007. The organization is a partnership of local neighborhood and community leaders, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and CICF.

Its purpose is to help communities improve outcomes for vulnerable children living in tough neighborhoods. Making Connections Indianapolis believes that children live better lives when their families are strong, and families do better when they live in communities that help them succeed.

Based on national research and local practice, Making Connections Indianapolis works on three core principles essential to improving families’ lives:

  • Creating opportunities to earn a decent living and build assets.

  • Building close ties with family, kin, neighbors, faith communities, and civic groups.

  • Helping children be healthy and prepared to succeed in school.

Making Connections Indianapolis will continue and expand upon lessons learned from programs pioneered locally in the Southeast and Martindale-Brightwood neighborhoods, and nationally in nine other cities. These programs have measurably increased the number of:

  • Parents who are working, and working with better wages and benefits.

  • Families with savings accounts and other assets.

  • Children who are healthy and prepared to succeed in school.

  • Adults and youth who are civically engaged.

  • Families and neighborhoods with strong informal supports and networks.

For more information about Making Connections Indianapolis contact Lamont Hulse, Executive Director, 317.632.4599, email, or visit