Other Initiatives

CICF has played a leadership role in other initiatives, including:

Sam H. Jones Creating Greater Awareness Forums

From 2001 – 2007 CICF sponsored public forums to help our community learn more about the diverse cultures growing in central Indiana. The forums were named in honor of Sam H. Jones, a dedicated public servant who provided dynamic leadership as the chief executive officer of the Indianapolis Urban League for 36 years. The forums offered opportunities for smaller ethnic groups in our community to raise issues, find resources, and help us all better understand our diverse neighbors – and ourselves.


Legacy Fund Community Initiatives

Since 1998, Legacy Fund, a CICF affiliate, has proactively identified issues or needs in the community and provided financial and leadership resources to address them. A recent initiative, SNAP, focused on decreasing adolescent alcohol and substance abuse in Hamilton County.

SNAP is a coalition of Legacy Fund board members, parents, youth, businesses, school guidance counselors, youth clergy, not-for-profit organizations, law enforcement and others who are committed to changing awareness of, and response to, youth substance abuse. SNAP is committed to raising the issue throughout the county and encouraging parents and kids to talk about it and take this problem seriously.


The Healthcare Access Collaborative (HAC)

In 2000, CICF helped convene several existing small clinics to determine how they could support the growing need to serve un- and under-insured patients. Members of the collaborative included Gennesaret Free Clinic, Good Samaritan Health Center, Raphael Health Center, and Shalom Health Centers. Poverty and lack of affordable access to healthcare resulted in extremely poor health, including chronic illness and lowered life expectancies of their patients. In 2002, the clinics collectively provided free healthcare to nearly 10,000 patients through approximately 450 volunteers.