Creating a Fund or Personal Foundation

CICF Personal Foundations: A Smarter Way To Give

Easy to setup and even easier to use, CICF’s Personal Foundations offer an organized and affordable approach to charitable giving that matches your philanthropic passions with CICF’s highly-skilled staff to create the kind of transformational giving you want. The kind of giving that changes lives – including your own.

CICF offers two types of Personal Foundations: The Giving Foundation, available with an initial investment of $25,000 and The Premier Foundation, available with a investment of $500,000.

Foundation experts suggest a minimum investment of $10 million is necessary to create the endowment and administrative support necessary for a successful private foundation. But CICF’s Giving Foundation and Premier Foundation provide donors with all of the services available at a private foundation with significant cost benefits.

Giving Foundation Features
Time- and money-saving back-office administration and support from CICF staff. Our professional support lets you enjoy your philanthropy even more by eliminating the need for your involvement in these important – but tedious – tasks.
The opportunity for you to name your foundation as you choose.
Online access to your foundation’s records for easy evaluation that’s available when you want it.
True privacy.
Assigned Philanthropic Advisors skilled at working in tandem with other associated advisors – including attorneys, CPAs and financial planners.


Premier Foundation Features
All of the above services offered to Giving Foundation holders.
Senior Level Philanthropic Advisors: Ensuring the professional attention, development, planning and advice you need to execute a philanthropic plan that meets your charitable passions.
Family Engagement Planning: CICF is widely acknowledged for our ability to help families work together, find the clarity necessary for developing a charitable plan and create a philanthropic legacy that involves multiple generations.
Early-Stage Access to CICF-led Projects and Programs: Strategic opportunities to participate in groundbreaking initiatives created to improve central Indiana, like The Indianapolis Cultural Trail.
Outside Investment Options:  Multiple investment options, including financial mangers and access to larger investment pools that have historically yielded higher returns.

Is A CICF Personal Foundation Right For You?

Good question…you should consider a CICF Personal Foundation if you:

  • Want to organize and enhance your charitable giving
  • Could benefit from a professional partner with a staff of experts in philanthropy and the not-for-profit sector
  • Wish your giving was more effective and made a bigger difference
  • Want to engage your family in your philanthropy and pass on your beliefs, values and opportunities to the upcoming generation
  • Need anonymity and/or someone to help manage recognition and gift strategies
  • Want to learn alongside other donors about our community’s needs and opportunities.

To find out more about CICF’s Personal Foundations, call our Personal Foundation Advisors at 317.634.2423, or send us a note to We’re ready to help you create change through your giving – and be changed by it, too.