Private Foundation Services

Make Your Private Foundation More Effective!

With nearly 100 years of grantmaking and charitable advising experience, CICF staff understands how to make your private foundation’s giving more effective, meaningful – and enjoyable, too.
Our staff combines a unique understanding of the philanthropic issues, trends and charitable organizations in central Indiana with experts in strategic philanthropic planning, facilitation and family philanthropy – and they are ready to help when you need it.

Created specifically for private foundations, these options include:

  • Fee Based Consulting Services 
    CICF will customize a scope of services for strategic charitable planning, mission development and refinement, grant-making effectiveness and issue research, family engagement and leadership transition, impact analysis and evaluation.  You’ll find our expertise valuable in practically every aspect of your philanthropic operations. And you’re welcome to select any combination of our services and use them for as long as you feel they’re beneficial to your goals.
  • Companion Personal Foundation
    A Personal Foundation, as a companion to your private foundation, gives you access to CICF services, knowledge and expertise while maintaining the autonomy and control of your private foundation.  A companion CICF Personal Foundation can be especially helpful for making anonymous grants, meeting the private foundation’s annual minimum distribution requirement, achieving maximum tax advantages for contributions, administering scholarship funds, obtaining assistance with unique gifts and ensuring a legacy.
  • Transferring The Foundation
    Terminating your private foundation and transferring the assets to a Personal Foundation at CICF alleviates the administrative burdens, compliance requirements, potential excise taxes and the annual expense of your private foundation, yet maintains the “feel” of a private foundation, and shifts all responsibility for administration and regulatory compliance to CICF. You can continue the name of the private foundation as the CICF Personal Foundation name, and you, the board or other advisors you’ve named, can make grants from the Foundation. We'll even assist you with the legal process to terminate the private foundation. CICF’s expert staff is available to provide any and all assistance requested.

For more information, please call Rob MacPherson, vice president for development, or Mary Stanley, senior gift planning advisor, at 317.634.2423, to discuss how CICF can assist your private foundation.


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