TechPoint Foundation for Youth

Helping Indiana’s at-risk youth develop the skills needed for success in the global information economy is TechPoint Foundation for Youth’s mission. As a social venture philanthropy organization, we invest in community programs that share our mission and have high-impact potential.

Who Benefits?

  • Our kids: Indiana’s at-risk youth receive the help and support they need in order to compete in today’s global economy.
  • Our community: We’re not only improving the lives of individual youth —we’re also enriching our communities across Indiana by reinforcing worthwhile community organizations.
  • Our workforce: Our funding supports the development of a more educated and competitive future workforce.

The History of TechPoint Foundation for Youth

As Indiana entered the 21st century, a small group of technology entrepreneurs identified an emerging issue: many young Hoosiers lacked the opportunity to develop the technology and thinking skills required to succeed in life. These entrepreneurs formed the TechPoint Foundation for Youth (formerly TechPoint Foundation) in 2001 as vehicle to effect change.

TechPoint Foundation for Youth began as the philanthropic initiative of TechPoint, Indiana’s premier program for growing a thriving technology-based economy. As a supporting organization of CICF since 2001, our partnership with CICF has provided operational assistance, such as administrative, financial, and human resources support.

TechPoint Foundation for Youth
5255 Winthrop Ave
Indianapolis IN 46220