Financial and Community Leadership

What does it take to make central Indiana the very best it can be? For the people who live here? For visitors? For businesses? And for newcomers who may decide to make this their home?

Tough questions to be sure. But we believe it’s our obligation as a community foundation – and community leader – to answer them.

We believe these questions and challenges are interrelated. To make central Indiana its best we must develop, retain and attract human capital. That means more families must achieve self-sufficiency. Doing so means they will be able to build the assets they need for a better future, including savings for a college education, home ownership, or the capital needed to start a business. Self-sufficiency also means more families will be able to contribute to the greater good – instead of relying on it. Central Indiana must offer the neighborhoods and cultural amenities that add value to living here while they appeal to visitors, new businesses and those hoping to live, work and play in a vibrant, successful community. And we must bolster the intellectual capacity of the region in order to create and attract the types of industries and businesses that will strengthen our economy – and community – for years to come.

CICF’s Community Leadership Initiatives were created to make that happen.



CICF’s Combined Capital

Financial resources alone will not improve all of central Indiana’s quality of life issues. The three Community Leadership Initiatives are crafted to achieve greater impact utilizing CICF’s combined capital resources:

  • Financial Capital: Leverage grants dollars and co-investing opportunities with other funders and donors to maximize financial support.
  • Influence Capital: Utilize the knowledge, experience and talents of donors, board members and staff to bring a broader perspective to community leadership and problem solving.
  • Human Capital: Utilize the knowledge, experience and talents of our donors, board members and staff to ensure we’re maximizing intellectual investment into community leadership solutions.

To learn more about the initiatives, or to help more families achieve financial independence, enhance our inspiring places or increase college attainment rates in our community, contact Rob MacPherson, vice president for development, at 317.634.2423 x509 or