What Other Advisors Say

“Deep down, I believe we are all called to be philanthropists, to be stewards of the many, varied gifts with which we have been blessed. As an advisor, one of my most humbling roles is to, hopefully, be the catalyst for a more clear discernment of that which is truly important to a client. Frequently, planning discussions about passions or “callings” lead to areas of interest even beyond the immediate family or family business. The CICF staff has the experience, tools and desire to help turn these raw, often times loosely-defined charitable aspirations into reality. They are instrumental in enabling individuals and families fully realize the personal joy and spiritual fulfillment of making meaningful, impactful, lasting gifts.”
Jeff Curtis
The Watermark Group

“I have found The Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) to be a wonderful resource in helping my clients plan their philanthropic goals. CICF’s knowledgeable advisors are highly-skilled in working with people to help them explore and understand their true charitable goals. CICF’s staff also has the knowledge to connect them to the right charitable organizations and then to structure the most financially efficient way to fulfill the gift. We are very blessed to have CICF as a valuable resource to the success of our community.“
Jeffrey J. Yu, CPA, CFP®
Executive Director
Column Capital

“Why I recommend CICF to my clients: Because CICF helps clients to fulfill their charitable goals by learning about, and exploring, their interests. CICF also introduces them to organizations that match their interests, then facilitates family meetings that engage the next generations by finding common philanthropic values, and also plan for a legacy that can continue long after a client is gone. CICF's wealth of knowledge about the community's needs and resources can introduce clients to new ideas and programs they may not have considered, offer suggestions for programs that would use a client's gift most effectively, and monitor to ensure that gifts are used as requested. A Donor Advised Fund at CICF allows a client to create a legacy gift and recognize the tax benefit upfront from a large charitable gift that will be distributed over many years, without the expense and regulation of a private foundation. The CICF staff is highly knowledgeable, service-oriented and respectful of potential donors’ timeframes and always without pressure. CICF is a tremendous educational resource to Indianapolis, providing opportunities for donors and advisors to meet with, and learn from, nationally recognized experts every year.
Susan Elser

“CICF is an unparalleled resource in Indiana. It inspires and counsels philanthropists about creative opportunities for giving that are as unlimited as the human needs are in this state. It does so to the inclusion of donors’ advisors, bringing their skills to bear so that the donors’ objectives are fully and effectively met. It’s noteworthy that CICF also provides those advisors with first-class continuing education presentations regularly, which themselves readily qualify for national audiences.

CICF is also distinguished by its staff of energized professionals who are expert in assessing the quality and effectiveness of those who turn to it annually for funding assistance through CICF’s hundreds of donors.

CICF is rightly regarded as the premier clearinghouse for meaningful intelligence about charities, both the old and well-established and those that have been more recently established to meet new communities of need.

When clients ask me about specific areas of charitable interest to them that are perhaps unusual, or not squarely met by tax exempt organizations I am familiar with, I regularly turn to CICF for comment, and invariably its staff is in fact acquainted with one or more grant-seeking charities, the work of which matches the clients’ purposes very well.”
Gordon Wishard