Funds & Foundations

Women's Fund creates options and opportunities for women and girls in central Indiana through the effective distribution of grants to women and girl serving organizations and through the philanthropic engagement and education of current and potential donors.

Women's Fund is the expert resource for issues impacting women and girls in central Indiana. Our vision is to be the most influential funding organization creating transformative and sustainable change for women and girls.

Founded in 1996, we are a special interest fund of CICF which:

  • Transforms the lives of women and girls through grants to effective not-for-profits.
  • Provides a lasting impact for women and girls today, and always, through a permanent endowment and philanthropic education.
  • Researches, compiles, and communicates the challenges facing women and girls in our community.

Thanks to the generosity of donors to the Women's Fund endowment, since 1999, over $4.1 million has been distributed to 93 women and girl serving organizations through 257 grants.

Current funding priorities are:

  • Caregiving
  • Domestic violence
  • Insufficient income
  • Needs of girls

Long-term interests include:

  • Health
  • Economic empowerment
  • Self-development

For more information, contact Jennifer Pope Baker, Director: 317.634.2423 x 127, e-mail, or visit