This is my hometown! My favorite part of the city is all of the events. Every summer is a joy! —Janai, participant of Indy UltimateRead More.
We need people who can go out to their peers and teach them about what’s going on in their communities. Crossing boundaries, teaching people new things, and possibly saving a life – that’s rewarding to me. —Sarah, youth ambassador at Brothers UnitedRead More.
I’ve been volunteering here for 20 years, because you can see a child getting help that needs help. It’s as simple as that. We have an impact on the kids, their families, our city, the crime rate and educational impact of our community. I have big visions for what I think can happen in the […]Read More.
Safe Place is a national program that’s run in Marion and Hamilton county by us at Stopover. It’s a program that’s denoted with yellow and black Safe Place signs on businesses and organizations that show that a child could come there for safety if they need help. It started in 1983 in Louisville, Kentucky. Since […]Read More.
The obvious hook for me was the bikes. I’ve been a cyclist since I was a kid. I started riding and never stopped. But it’s grown to be a lot more than that. You get to work with kids one-on-one. You get to teach them about bikes. You get to teach them about being healthy […]Read More.
Work brought me to the city over 20 years ago. Indy is a great place to live, I just love it. There are so many different activities in town. —Jaree, participant of Indy UltimateRead More.
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