I think art starts to allow everyone to find out what’s common amongst us all. Everybody’s got the same interests, needs and troubles. —Bob, teaching artist with Arts for LearningRead More.
Two of my great-grandkids come here too. One in the daycare center and one in the after-school program. It’s been great having them around and being together with them. —Ida, senior angel program attendee at Edna Martin Christian CenterRead More.
I wouldn’t have anything at all if it wasn’t for them. I didn’t have anything other than the clothes on my back. When I came here, they offered me everything I needed. They helped me out with clothes, food, hygiene products… They helped me get a job. They’ve directed me to Edna Martin Christian Center, […]Read More.
I like coming here. The people, the community, the very fun place, and Tina keeps everybody on their toes. —Virginia, guest at Joy’s HouseRead More.
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