Oppression Olympics: The Game That Needs to End
As people around the globe are tuning in for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, there’s a variation that rewards no medals yet many insist on competing—Oppression Olympics. The first recorded use of the phrase was by Elizabeth "Betita" Martínez in a 1993 conversation with activist Angela Davis. Oppression Olympics is the idea that marginalization is a competition of determining the relative weight of overall oppression of individuals or groups, based on identity. Simply put, it’s comparing…Read More.
Housing to Recovery
The Housing to Recovery fund was established in 2019 as a partnership between the City of Indianapolis and CICF.  Acknowledging the time has come for a more permanent solution to our homelessness crisis, the City, CICF, Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP), and Corporation for Supportive Housing joined together to loudly call for a “housing-first” model in our community.  Housing-first is a proven approach in many cities across the country that verifies providin…Read More.
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