Community Leadership Initiatives

Making Central Indiana a better place to live, work and play is an ambitious undertaking. To be successful, we as a community must do an outstanding job of developing, attracting and retaining highly educated, creative, entrepreneurial and community-minded citizens. Most important, we must create a culture in which every person has the opportunity to reach their greatest potential.

It takes more than financial resources to achieve these goals. It also takes leadership. That’s why CICF launched three community leadership initiatives—family success, college readiness and success, and inspiring places—each one designed to allow us to partner and convene with civic leaders and organizations to leverage resources for maximum impact.

Family Success

Family Success addresses deep-rooted and often systemic problems facing Central Indiana communities. Those problems include major gaps in assets and income, low educational attainment, poor health care and dangerous behaviors. CICF helps Central Indiana families facing these challenges gain access to better jobs, better education and the opportunity for a better life.

College Readiness and Success

Sixty percent of the 1.1 million jobs projected in Indiana over the next 10 years will require post-secondary education. Yet only 41 percent of Hoosiers earn a post-secondary degree or certification. CICF’s goal is to increase that number. We believe it’s important to reach children early in their educational careers, which is why we support college-readiness programs and scholarships.

Inspiring Places

Inspiring Places supports efforts to transform underused spaces into high-quality amenities that promote community health and vitality. CICF strives to make art, beauty and nature accessible to everyone, every day. Two key projects incubated and launched by CICF include Reconnecting Our Waterways and The Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick.

For more information about these leadership projects, or to get involved as an angel investor, contact CICF at 317.634.2423.