Your partner in your clients’ philanthropic success.

As Central Indiana’s leading experts in charitable giving, our expertise can be an invaluable asset to your clients. We’ll help you help them achieve their charitable dreams—and strengthen your relationship with them along the way.

Why should you AND your clients PARTNER WITH CICF?

More than 70 percent of our current fundholders are referred to us by their professional advisors. Here’s why:


CICF is the unquestioned leader in Central Indiana at providing philanthropic information, support and service.


Starting a fund with CICF is less expensive than starting a private foundation. Plus, we take care of costly administrative details like legal and tax compliance.


We offer a wide range of fund options, including “non-permanent” funds such as community endowments that are distributed in perpetuity.


We respect the authority of professional advisors. Our purpose is to play a supporting role in their mission to help clients meet charitable goals.


Our philanthropic experts identify giving opportunities that align with your clients’ values. We make their charitable efforts more meaningful and rewarding.

Generational Impact.

Through seminars, workshops and more, we help clients create a legacy of family giving that spans generations.

Investment Options.

At CICF we offer a variety of funds, each one providing unique benefits.

Our Performance.

Our assets are professionally managed and perform at a consistently high level. Learn more about our investment philosophy.

Let’s connect to learn more about how we can help you help your clients.