Charitable Strategies to Help Your Clients

CICF recently launched a new type of fund specifically for charitable gifts of IRA rollovers. If you have clients who are at least 70½, they are eligible to transfer up to $100,000, or up to $200,000 for a married couple, of their IRA assets directly to a qualified public charity.

Team Up with CICF

Utilize CICF’s expertise without giving up management of your client’s charitable assets. A 2015 Bank of America study found that 89 percent of professional advisors discuss philanthropy with clients and 71 percent make it their regular practice to ask clients about their interest in charitable giving. Chances are, you are one of those advisors!

Staff Blog: Sarah Weaver

  Sarah Weaver is a senior gift planning advisor at Central Indiana Community Foundation As senior gift planning advisor, Sarah works to develop and maintain relationships with financial and legal advisors and to support and advise donors on gift planning options. Major milestones like birthdays or anniversaries often leave us contemplating big questions: What have… Continue reading.

Meet the Newest Member of Our Team: Sarah Weaver

Senior gift planning advisor, Sarah Weaver, is the newest member of the CICF development team. Weaver shares more about her background, her personal charitable passions and why she is thrilled to be working at CICF.

Gifts of Appreciated Business Interests

A great opportunity exists for you to add value by helping to educate your clients about the tax smart benefits of charitable giving. Beyond gifts of appreciated, publicly traded stock, one strategy on the rise at CICF is the donation of privately held business interests, including gifts of interests in closely held C corporations, S corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.

Charitable Strategies to Help Your Clients

If charitable giving is not on your clients’ radar, this is an excellent time to begin that conversation. Not only do clients tend to be in the giving spirit around this time of year, but they also can significantly reduce their tax burden by making charitable contributions.

Q&A with Rick Kissel

CICF’s Professional Advisor Leadership Council (PALC) board chair, Rick Kissel, gives tips for how to talk to clients about their charitable intent and shares his hopes for the city of Indianapolis.

A Philanthropic Inheritance

The death of a parent can be devastating for a family, but Alice and Kirk McKinney had a plan for their estate—a plan that had been sketched out during their lifetimes, but left flexible enough to enable their children and grandchildren to create their legacies.

Charitable Gift Annuities: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Sharon Merriman’s daughters tried to tell her this when she explained her plans to open a charitable gift annuity that would pay her income during her life, with the remainder benefiting a charitable cause she cared about. It’s a good thing she didn’t share the same hesitancy.

IRA Charitable Rollover Now Permanent

The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015 made permanent the Charitable IRA Rollover provision of the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

Five Things You Missed if You Missed Kathryn Miree

Kathryn Miree, planned giving consultant, demands the attention of a room. Not because she asked for it—though she did warn the audience at CICF’s fall Professional Advisor Seminar against falling asleep—but because her passion for planned giving and family philanthropy is too big to ignore. Miree’s high-energy presentation and real-life examples of planned gifts gone awry were often both hilarious and a little scary, but provided the audience with powerful tools to help make their clients’ philanthropic dreams come true.

NOTHING BUT THE RUTH – Donor Advised Funds

  Kiss checkbook giving goodbye! -from Ruthie Purcell-Jones Circles. If Indianapolis were to designate a city shape, it’d be a circle hands down. Monument Circle, Hamilton County round-a-bouts, I-465 loop, basketball hoops, bicycle wheels, Indianapolis Motor Speedway… circle, circle and more circle. We’re a community of unending circles. And I love it. Here’s why: a… Continue reading.

The Downside of Appreciated Stock

  On the face of it, the current merger and acquisition (M&A) boom we’re in the midst of would seem to be a good thing. How big of a boom is it? Earlier this year KPMG LLP released a report that gushed, “The boom is back: M&A reemerges as leading growth strategy.” And it’s not… Continue reading.