We help not-for-profits do world-changing work.

CICF awards more than $55 million in grants to not-for-profits each year. If your 501(c)(3) organization does work in one of the following areas, it may be eligible.

Quality of Life

  • Increase access to nutritious food and health care for vulnerable populations
  • Remove barriers to economic self-sufficiency and increase life skills that lead to increased independence
  • Protect children from abuse and neglect


  • Improve academic achievement and promote post-secondary success for low-income youth
  • Provide job readiness, training and educational opportunities
  • Promote learning opportunities that combine arts instruction with other core academic subject matter

Community Vitality

  • Provide safe, affordable housing and support services for vulnerable populations
  • Increase safety of residents and their neighborhoods
  • Improve physical spaces for community benefit

Neighborhood Connectivity

  • Increase the connectivity and attractiveness of neighborhoods and communities
  • Engage neighborhood residents in community-building and community change
  • Provide opportunities for young people to become productive citizens

Community Assets

  • Promote diversity awareness and appreciation for differences in our community
  • Engage residents and introduce visitors to regional cultural amenities
  • Preserve existing natural spaces and resources