IMPACT Central Indiana

What if the grant you made to an organization could be recycled and the impact spread amongst multiple efforts? This is social impact investing, and it’s the idea behind IMPACT Central Indiana.

Rather than making a one-time grant to an organization, these investments support both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations that benefit the community and the economy. Think of it as recycling philanthropy. Social impact investments can earn interest and may return the initial investment and later be reinvested into future endeavors.

IMPACT Central Indiana is a new multi-member LLC created by Central Indiana Community Foundation, The Indianapolis Foundation and Hamilton County Community Foundation. Its goal is to facilitate social impact investments into businesses, funds and not-for-profit organizations that generate positive and measurable social impact in our community.

Donors have two options with IMPACT Central Indiana:

  1. Donor-Directed Investments
    Fund holders source their own opportunities for impact, similarly structured to a traditional donor-advised fund.
  2. Focus Funds
    Investments will be made into a fund and then deployed into various projects consistent with the theme of the fund. Potential areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

    • alignment to mission of CICF and affiliates
    • people of color and marginalized enterprises
    • inclusive economic growth
    • philanthropic innovation
    • affordable housing

IMPACT Central Indiana is designed to take your philanthropy further. An IMPACT account can be created from an existing donor-advised fund or through new assets.

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