The library has played a big role in my personal life. I came from the Congo. Growing up we didn’t have libraries, my first encounter with a library was in high school, where we had a small library of old books. Even in college access to books was a rarity. The library is a place for […]Read More.
I got hooked on theatre very young. In elementary school, I felt like it fit and it was fun…I had a good middle/high school teacher. Theatre was fun and she pushed us. For a lot of children—and even adults–the IRT has been their one theatre experience. That is a great thing to tout. [Among] our sisters/brother […]Read More.
It’s hard to think that at this time in your life, when you can’t care for yourself, seems like God has stepped in providing a place like this. It’s taken a lot of people to help us. It started as an exercise place to go with other seniors, after we’d just moved to Indy. My […]Read More.
Basimah & Mohammad
Exodus made our move to America easy because everything was organized. We got on a plane from Jordan to Turkey. Then we went from Turkey to Washington D.C. Finally we went from Washington D.C. to Indianapolis. A caseworker was waiting for us at the airport. At every airport there was someone there to help us […]Read More.
No one should be invisible…the depth and breadth of services that we have here for homeless folks, is really important. Even with our small staff we see 200 people a day. We focus on quality and focus on doing what’s right for the people we serve. We have barbers that come in several days a […]Read More.
Personal Mobility
Welcome to the debut episode of For Good, stories about passion, purpose and progress in Central Indiana.
This month, For Good looks at personal mobility. We’ll explore how limited access to transportation can impact opportunities for employment, healthcare and social services. But most importantly, we’ll look at what’s being done in Central Indiana to revolutionize the way we get from place to place. If you enjoy this first episode,  we hope you'll subsc…Read More.