Charitable Organization Funds

More than 150 charitable organizations have asked CICF to help them create, manage, and invest their not-for-profit endowment funds. This allows your organization to concentrate on its charitable mission while relying on our expertise in long-term investment and fund management. Having a not-for-profit endowment at CICF means having a partner who can help you do the following:

  • Take advantage of our centralized investment pool, which consistently performs well above the average for other not-for-profits and foundations (per the Commonfund Institute, Chronicle of Philanthropy, and Council on Foundations). All with low administrative costs.
  • Transfer your board-designated or donor-designated fund to CICF so you can take advantage of our historic earnings and growth of funds.
  • Provide free help with planned giving and planned gift administration.
  • Enhance your investment buying power by including your endowment funds in a diversified, long-term investment pool with over $500 million in assets.
  • Provide CICF staff consulting for asset growth strategies or other development issues.
  • Provide planned giving advice and staffing as needed, whether for starting a planned giving program, working with your staff or board, or meeting with donors to strategize options for making a gift to your organization.
  • Host seminars and workshops designed to help your staff understand endowment funds.