We do three things:

1. We help people invest in the causes that matter most to them.

Many of Central Indiana’s most influential philanthropists trust CICF and its affiliates to help guide their charitable actions. Why? Because we make sure their philanthropic efforts achieve the desired results.

We are Central Indiana’s philanthropic experts. For the past century, we’ve worked with not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, civic leaders and visionary philanthropists to facilitate large-scale change in Central Indiana. We work with individuals, families, corporations and not-for-profit boards to identify and match values and interests to charitable causes making philanthropy more effective and rewarding.

No one is more focused on helping Central Indiana donors realize their goals.

CICF is more than a community foundation. We’re a critical resource for people who want to change the world. We help donors change lives—perhaps none more than their own. Learn more about opening a fund with us.

2. We award grants to effective not-for-profit organizations.

CICF and its affiliates are committed to supporting Central Indiana’s most effective and innovative not-for-profit organizations. With more than 100 years of grant-making under our belt, we have a deep understanding of the local
not-for-profit landscape. And our careful evaluation process means our donors know their money is supporting organizations that pursue their missions with equal parts passion and efficiency.

We award over $55 million in grants annually from our unrestricted endowments for both Marion and Hamilton counties, as well as our other funds. The funds support organizations that align with both our mission and the passions of our donors.

A healthy not-for-profit sector is essential to a healthy community. CICF and our grant-making helps the not-for-profit sector remain vital. We support those organizations whose work is key to the continued improvement of Central Indiana. Learn more about applying for a grant. 

3. We provide leadership to make Central Indiana a better, more beautiful, more equitable community.

CICF and its affiliates work with philanthropists, civic and business leaders, policymakers and neighborhood advocates in the interest of creating a brighter future for the people of Central Indiana. Through our community leadership initiatives, we strategically support and lead innovative programs in both Marion and Hamilton counties. We do this by creating partnerships with community stakeholders and fund holders to cultivate opportunities—and remove barriers—so that all individuals in Central Indiana have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

In doing so, we’re making our region more attractive to talented new residents, while simultaneously helping create environments and neighborhoods that empower those who already call Central Indiana home. Learn more about our mission and strategic plans.