Transforming Central Indiana with

leadership & love.

In the simplest of terms, CICF exists to make Central Indiana a better place, every day—but what does that mean, exactly?

  • It means finding innovative ways to attract visitors and businesses, and encouraging them to invest their time and money here.
  • It means making sure everyone is included in our efforts to push Central Indiana forward, giving more families the resources they need to achieve self-sufficiency.
  • It means creating a place where more people are homeowners, college graduates, and successful professionals or business owners.
  • It means making our neighborhoods and communities beautiful, vibrant, and attractive places for both current and future residents.
  • Finally, it means bolstering the area’s intellectual capacity, positioning us to compete with other neighboring regions for decades down the road.

It takes more than financial resources to achieve these goals. It also takes leadership. That’s why CICF launched three community leadership initiatives, each one designed to allow us to use our resources for maximum impact. Learn about them below.