Board of Directors

Central Indiana Community Foundation encompasses three separate community foundations. Click the appropriate foundation below to meet the current board of directors for each one.


CICF is comprised of six Indianapolis Foundation directors, three Legacy Fund officers, and twelve members self-elected by the CICF Board.

Brian Payne
President & CEO
Greg Hahn
Chair - Bose McKinney & Evans LLP
Aasif Bade
Vice Chair - Ambrose Property Group
Kathy Davis
Treasurer - City of Indianapolis
Mike Simmons
Secretary - T2 Systems (retired)
David Becker
Director - First Internet Bank
Jean Blackwell
Director - Cummins, Inc (retired)
Darrianne Christian
Director - Community Volunteer
Brenda S. Horn
Director - Ice Miller (retired)
John David Hoover
Director - Hoover Hull Turner LLP
Duane Ingram
Director - Indianapolis Housing Agency
J.A. Lacy
Director - LDI, Ltd.
Jay Merrell
Director - Industrial Dielectrics
Ann O'Hara
Director - Ice Miller LLP
Una Osili
Director - Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
Myrta Pulliam
Director - Star Media
Marisol Sanchez
Director - Endress+Hauser, Inc.
Jerry Semler
Director (Chairman Emeritus) - American United Mutual Insurance Holding Company
Cindy Simon Skjodt
Director - Community Volunteer
Charles P. Sutphin
Director - Netherleigh Enterprises, LLC
Corby Thompson
Director - Boomerang Development LLC
Milt Thompson
Director - Bleeke Dillion Crandall Attorneys
Lee White
Director - Bosma Enterprises


The Indianapolis Foundation board is comprised of six directors as dictated by the original 1916 resolution of trust. Two directors are appointed by the Mayor of Indianapolis; two by the Marion County Circuit Court Judge; and two by the presiding Judge of the United States District Court. Each director is appointed to serve a six-year term.

Brian Payne
Jerry Semler
Chair - American United Mutual Insurance Holding Company
Kathy Davis
Vice Chair - City of Indianapolis
Milt Thompson
Secretary - Bleeke Dillion Crandall Attorneys
Greg Hahn
Director - Bose McKinney & Evans LLP
John David Hoover
Director - Hoover Hull Turner LLP
Cindy Simon Skjodt
Director - Community Volunteer


With up to 30 total members, the Legacy Fund board of directors votes on nominees presented by the Board Development Committee. Members serve three-year terms.

Tom Kilian Jr
Legacy Fund President
Ann M. O'Hara
Chair - Ice Miller LLP
Jay Merrell
Vice Chair - Industrial Dielectrics, Inc.
Brian Myers
Secretary & Treasurer - Biddle Memorial Foundation
Lisa B. Allen
Director - Not-for-Profit Consultant
Sonny Beck
Director - Beck's Superior Hybrids
Henry (Hank) B. Blackwell
Director - Baker & Daniels (retired)
Judi L. Campbell, M.D.
Director - Psychiatrist (retired)
Thomas E. Dapp
Director - Gradex, Inc.,
Eric M. Douthit
Director - Church Church Hittle & Antrim
Daniel Fowler
Director - Hamilton National Title, LLC
Tanya Hand
Director - United Way of Central Indiana
Sylvia (Kay) Hartley
Director - Hartley Funeral Homes
Tonya Harvey
Director - Community Volunteer
Steven A. Holt
Director - Holt Legal Group
David Greene
Director - First Merchants
Barney Quinn
Director - Simon Property Group (retired)
Pamela Robinson
Director - Indiana/World Skating Academy (retired)
Danielle Stiles-Polk
Director - Ivy Tech Community College
Bridget Shuel-Walker
Director - HP Products
Corby D. Thompson
Director - Boomerang Development LLC