• The Sheehan Foundation image

    The Thomas P. and Sondra D. Sheehan Charitable Foundation is a supporting organization of Legacy Fund, an affiliate of Central Indiana Community Foundation. Tom and Soni Sheehan focus on improving the lives of children facing debilitating medical challenges.

  • Legacy Fund Awards $84,800 in Grants to Hamilton County Not-For-Profits image

    All grants are made possible by Legacy Fund’s Endowment for Hamilton County, an unrestricted fund created by donors interested in addressing Hamilton County’s greatest needs in perpetuity.

  • Top 9 Angel Investment Updates from 2015 image

    CICF works with many community leaders and organizations, and one of our greatest privileges is to work with our Angel Investors, a group of 87 organizations, individuals and families. It’s their commitment to not only CICF, but also our community, that makes big dreams like these a reality.

  • Cherishing Charitable Children: Philanthropy with the Zipes Family image

    Joan and Doug Zipes, married 54 years, know a thing or two about family and philanthropy. Both Joan and Doug grew up watching their parents give back in whatever way they could. For Doug, who grew up less fortunate than his wife, that meant his parents opening their home to family of friends and providing meals, even when they barely had enough themselves.

  • Follow the Reader: Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation image

    The Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation’s endowment, opened in 1993 at Legacy Fund, had become dormant in recent years, but that changed last year when a couple made a significant gift to the endowment just as the library was celebrating its centennial year.

  • Youth Assistance Program image

    In 2007, a new facility was built in Noblesville based on projections that it needed to house at least 50 youth. In 2009 we worked with Legacy Fund to launch a pilot version of Youth Assistance Program and the numbers fell drastically. The facility is now at 14 percent capacity and youth being detained is half of what it was at its height in 2009.

  • A Family’s Legacy of Philanthropy: Mike and Sue Smith image

    Mike & Sue Smith are the recipients of Legacy Fund’s 2015 Living Legacy Award. In addition to their support to CICF and Legacy Fund, they are involved with many organizations across Central Indiana.

  • A Fork in the Road: Aftercare for Indiana Mentoring image

    When Kenneth Hayes was released from Marion County Juvenile Detention Center, he had two paths to choose from. He would either join the nearly 41 percent in Indiana returning back to the Department of Correction, or commit himself to avoiding the juvenile justice system again. He chose the latter. He chose Aftercare for Indiana Mentoring (AIM) to help him.

  • Five Tips on Family Philanthropy image

    Each generation has its own lens through which it sees the world and as of now, five generations could be sitting around the family dinner or business board table. Those of us that live with or work with multigenerational families know that these lenses inform how each generation makes decisions and they can be drastically different.

  • CICF Scholarships: Community Wins with Investment in Indiana Students image

    Pike High School graduates Caracciola ‘Cari’ and Taracciola ‘Tari’ Morales used the Mexican Scholarship, administered by CICF, to attend Indiana University. Both women, now 25, have handedly met the scholarship’s core criteria: leadership and giving back to the community.

  • Central Indiana Senior Fund Awards $773,708 image

    By 2030, 20 percent of Hoosiers will be over the age of 60—double the population in 2010 according to the US Census Bureau. Yet this growing population faces tremendous barriers. As life expectancy increases, so does the number of aging adults that cannot meet basic needs, including access to nutritious food or transportation.

  • The Indianapolis Foundation awards $1.86 million for 2015 Community Crime Prevention Grant Program image

      Total of 61 not-for-profits receive grants to increase community safety and reduce violence The Indianapolis Foundation, an affiliate of Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), has awarded a total of $1.86 million in grants to 61 local not-for-profits through the Marion County-City of Indianapolis’ 2015 Community Crime Prevention Grant Program. The Indianapolis Foundation also allocated an additional $86,300 from… Continue reading.