Vision. Dedication. Passion. These are the words that define the individuals who make up the CICF team. Together, they’re working every day to support philanthropy and provide leadership to make Central Indiana a better place. To learn more about a CICF staff member, click on their photograph.

Executive Office

Brian Payne
President & CEO
Jennifer Bartenbach
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Morgan Meyer
First Impressions Coordinator
Kendra Patrick
Executive Administrative Assistant

Community Leadership & Effective Philanthropy

Tamara Winfrey-Harris
Vice President of Community Leadership & Effective Philanthropy
Andrew Black
Director of Community Leadership
Alicia J. Collins
Director of Community Leadership
LaTasha River Sturdivant, Ph.D.
Senior Director of Special Initiatives and Research
Nora Woodman
Director of Effective Philanthropy
Kelli Baumgarn
Senior Effective Philanthropy Officer
Ryan Brady
Effective Philanthropy Officer to Glick Philanthropies
Laurie Burns
Community Impact Officer
Clayton De Fur
Senior Community Leadership Officer
Robin Elmerick
Not-for-Profit Sustainability Officer
Haley Logan
Community Leadership & Effective Philanthropy Coordinator
Marissa Nielsen
Effective Philanthropy Officer
Guadalupe Pimentel Solano
Community Leadership Officer
Josette Robinson
Community Leadership Officer
Diane Schussel
Senior Community Leadership Officer
Shanna Young
Scholarship Officer


Rob MacPherson
Vice President of Development & Strategy, CAP®
Leroy Robinson
Director of Major Gifts
Mary Stanley
Director of Gift Planning & Legal Affairs, JD, CAP®
Julie Scharlau
Development Associate
Sarah Weaver
Senior Gift Planning Advisor

Opportunity, Equity & Inclusion

Pamela Ross
Vice President of Opportunity, Equity & Inclusion

Marketing & Communications

Sarah Cowart
Director of Marketing & Communications
Ben Snyder
Marketing & Communications Manager
Clark Collier
Marketing and Communications Associate

Finance & Operations

Jeanie Andes
Director of Administration & Culture, SPHR
David Donaldson
Director of Information Technology
Jennifer Schrier
Director of Finance
Brenda Delaney
Mary Johnson
Grant Processor
Cindie Logan
Operations Associate
Adam Vizard
Data Systems Manager
Lynn Weatherly
Operations Associate
Julie Wright
Grant Processor

Hamilton County Community Foundation

Tom Kilian Jr.
Hamilton County Community Foundation President
Brittany Rayburn
Hamilton County Community Foundation Director of Development
Jenny Good
Hamilton County Community Foundation Office Manager
Mackenzie Poole
Hamilton County Community Foundation Community Leadership Officer
Heather Woock
Hamilton County Community Foundation Effective Philanthropy Officer

Women's Fund

Jennifer Pope Baker
Women's Fund Executive Director
Gerri Pagach
Women's Fund Data & Office Manager
Shelley Raper
Women’s Fund Director of Development

Facilities & Maintenance

Greg Hooten
Facilities Director
Tom Poynter
Maintenance Manager


Julie Koegel
Central Indiana Community Foundation & Women's Fund
Wendy McNamar
Central Indiana Community Foundation & Women's Fund
Joanna Nixon
Central Indiana Community Foundation
Alphons Van Adrichem
Central Indiana Community Foundation