Here I got my first resume done, I found my first job. Horizon House is here for homeless people. There aren’t a lot of places that homeless people can come and hang out. They feed us, give us clothes, give us opportunities to find jobs and housing, help us with healthcare… a lot of stuff. […]Read More.
I feel as though when I’m swimming there’s a real oneness with the water. My instructor has inspired and motivated me through her teaching. It’s truly a ‘pool of hope.’ Recently while talking about swimming and my story, a woman approached me and asked if I had polio, and got quite emotional. I said ‘yes’ […]Read More.
CICF launches new podcast, “For Good”
Podcast features stories of passion, purpose and progress in Central Indiana Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), in partnership with WFYI Public Media, is launching a new monthly podcast, “For Good,” featuring stories about passion, purpose and progress Central Indiana. “For Good” focuses on issues facing Marion and Hamilton counties, and highlights local people and organizations […]Read More.
Community Foundations and the Opportunity Gap
Today, fewer people have access to the American Dream and the upward mobility it promises. Our kids may not, in fact, fare better than we do. And their success is not just constrained by their smarts and industriousness, but an “opportunity gap.” In short, socioeconomic status, race, familial situations, ethnicity, community wealth and other factors contribute to and perpetuate lower educational, economic and social aspirations, achievement and attainment.Read More.
A Tale of Two Counties: Food Insecurity
Many Hoosiers in urban Indianapolis as well as suburban and rural Hamilton County struggle without access to good food. The contours of the problem, and solutions, shift based on geography, demographics and other factors. On this episode of the “For Good” podcast, you’ll learn how different organizations, many of which are supported by CICF, its affiliates and donor-advised funds, are tackling food insecurity in the neighboring, yet distinctly different, communities of Hamilton and Mari…Read More.
I’m encouraged by the fact that we are a resource here, not just to help others in need, but also as a trusted resource for community and personal development. We’ve been doing this for 76 years starting in a tent on the west side of town, but we’ve moved several times in our history to […]Read More.
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